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Main Library

101 W. Flagler St., Miami, FL 33130

General Information 305‑375‑2665
Information Desk 305‑375‑5576
Children's Room 305‑375‑5021
Circulation 305‑375‑2493
Florida Room / Genealogy 305‑375‑5023 or 305‑375‑5580
General Reference – 1st Floor 305‑375‑5231
General Reference – 2nd Floor 305‑375‑5575
Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) 305‑375‑2878
Library Director's Office
Director, Raymond Santiago 305‑375‑5026
Lainey Brooks, Development Officer 305‑375‑5017
Public Services
Assistant Director, Sylvia Mora‑Oña 305‑375‑5005
Ian D. Rosenior, Operations Administrator 305‑375‑5179
Miriam Quiros‑Laso, Operations Administrator 305‑375‑5928
Sue Cvejanovich, Operations Administrator 305‑375‑3555
Wil Fowler, Security & Safety Manager 305‑375‑3873
Fiscal Operations & Capital Development
Assistant Director, Suzet Alvarez‑Cleary 305‑375‑5183
Jessica Jarra, Budget & Accounting Manager 305‑375‑5178
Julio Castro, Capital Development Coordinator 305‑375‑4540
Mercedes Marrero, Human Resources Manager 305‑375‑5010
Leo Gomez, Support Services Administrator 305‑375‑5051
Outreach, Communications & Programming
Assistant Director, Gia Arbogast 305‑375‑5501
Teresa Mesa, Library Services Specialist - Outreach and Communications 305‑375‑4114
Jessica Melgarejo, Library Services Specialist - Programming 305‑375‑1413
Rafael Costa, Library Services Specialist - Partnership Development 305‑375‑5183