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Miami-Dade Public Library System presents Sharkabet!
A Sea of Sharks from A to Z by Ray Troll

– Sharkabet! is an alphabet display of living and extinct sharks in a series of colorful,
whimsical and scientifically accurate drawings by Ray Troll. –

(Miami, FL – May 12, 2015) Shark! Even the word shark gets our blood up! A fun way to explore sharks, The Miami‑Dade Public Library System presents Sharkabet! A Sea of Sharks from A to Z. The display is an alphabet of living and extinct sharks in a series of colorful, whimsical, yet scientifically accurate drawings by Ray Troll. The Library will be presenting the display on May 22nd to September 1st, at the West Dade Regional Library on the 1st and 2nd floor exhibition spaces.

"Sharkabet" is a fun, unique way to look at the world of sharks. There are 409 species of sharks swimming today, and it's impossible to say how many more have disappeared over hundreds of millions of years. Ray Troll showcases drawings of some of the most amazing of the 400+ species of sharks on the planet and some extinct sharks as well.

From Angelsharks to Zebrasharks, Ray Troll provides us all, from zoological professionals to amateur shark enthusiasts, with a plethora of shark facts, elasmoart, and numerous cartilaginous creatures never before seen or explained.

"People usually think sharks, and they think great white sharks," Troll said. "But my point is there are all kinds of different sharks. Stingrays are cartilaginous fish, they're just flat sharks. They're pancake sharks, so I tell the kids. There are all sorts of modified forms in between."

Troll hopes "Sharkabet," will expand people's awareness of the diversity of sharks. The exhibition is meaningful and entertaining to kids and parents as well. It is a treat for kids of all ages.

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