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Miami-Dade Public Library System Tutoring Program Surpasses Expectations

– Library tutoring program hosts more than 1,100 live one‑to‑one sessions –

(Miami, FL – April 20, 2015) The Miami‑Dade Public Library System is proud to announce that it has successfully hosted more than 1,100 live one‑to‑one sessions in January and in February. Subjects ranged from math including algebra, calculus, geometry and statistics to the sciences including biology, chemistry and physics to English including grammar, literature, vocabulary and essay writing.

The bulk of the tutoring hours was generated from math during the months of January and February. The month of January alone generated 1,195 live one‑to‑one sessions and February produced 1,106. The program initially launched in October 2014 with 478 sessions followed by 841 sessions in November and 761 in December.

Other subjects included social studies, Spanish, SAT Prep and many others. Eventually, the library anticipates that it will be serving more than 1,100 sessions per month during the school year. On average, it usually takes 4‑6 months to ramp up to those numbers, but the Library’s tutoring program has actually surpassed that expectation in its first month alone and has been off to a fantastic start.

The Library’s Interim Director, Gia Arbogast indicates that, “We saw on the initial report that there was a wide range of grade levels using the service, as well as a wide variety of subjects including some Spanish math and science sessions, job search sessions, College entrance test prep sessions and computer skills. Even the number of optional accounts created was much higher than anticipated for our first month!”

Arbogast adds, “Our post‑session survey results were amazing and the comments left by students were quite impressive.”

About the Miami‑Dade Public Library System

The Miami‑Dade Public Library System, a recipient of the National Medal for Museum and Library Service and several National Association of Counties Achievement Awards, serves as a community center and learning place where the Miami Dade community meets to exchange ideas, learn, share and create. MDPLS strives to ensure that all residents, regardless of socioeconomic status, will be enriched through access to materials, technology, programs, and art and culture so they may develop the skills they need to create and produce innovations for the 21st century. Through its 50 locations, bookmobiles, Technobus, special services, website ( and MDPLS iLibrary app, the Library proudly serves more than seven million annual visitors. Serving the community for more than 40 years, MDPLS continues to experience tremendous change and growth, evolving with the technological needs and requirements of its diverse community.


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