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Connections loans library materials by mail to individuals of all ages who are unable to visit the library in person due to disabilities or conditions of aging. Library materials include regular and large print books, foreign language books, movies, audiobooks and music.

Connections also loans deposit collections of library materials and provides special programming resources to facilities and groups who serve Seniors and persons of all ages who are homebound.


Who is eligible?

Individuals of all ages who live within the library's taxing district and are physically unable to come to the library are eligible for Connections services. Persons with physical disabilities or chronic illness, the frail elderly, caregivers or those without adequate means of transportation may all qualify.

Individuals who can only read large print books due to visual impairment and who file the "Certification of Eligibility" form with our office qualify for the Free Matter for the Blind and Other Physically Handicapped Persons postal subsidy.

How does it work?

Registered individuals send us their request by telephone, fax, mail or email and/or ask us to select materials for them based on their interests. Convenient, reusable nylon bags are used to ship materials back and forth by mail.

How much does this service cost?

Connections ships materials to patrons for free. To return the items, simply pay the return postage to send by mail or drop off the materials in the shipping bags at any branch library or mobile library.

How do I join?

Call Connections for an application or download and print the application. 

Facilities and Groups

Who is eligible?

Senior centers, nursing homes, convalescent centers, ALF's, retirement residences, geriatric and rehabilitation units at hospitals, and local agencies, organizations and groups who serve Seniors and individuals of all ages who are homebound. The facility must be located within the library's taxing district.

What services are available?

Deposit Collections of Library Materials

Deposit Collections are small revolving, lending libraries loaned free‑of‑charge to eligible facilities and groups. Collections are composed of regular and large print books for use by the clients of the facility. The size of the collection, the genre and language assortment, and the frequency of exchange are determined with input from the facility. To apply, print the Deposit Collection Application and mail or fax the completed application to Connections.

Programming Resources

Educational, recreational, and cultural programming materials are loaned for free. Activity and Senior Center Directors, Teachers, Program Chairpersons, and Intergenerational Group Leaders may use these multisensory materials to help make their programs and visits with older adults unforgettable! Resources include BiFolkal Kits and Mini‑Kits, Visit Kits, Sliders, Actiphiles, Picture Sets, videotapes and DVD's, and assorted book resources. To apply, print the Programming Resources Application and mail or fax the completed application to Connections.